Down at the Depot with Children's Author
Karen Kulinski


I moved around a lot as a kid, which meant I had to make new friends a lot. But I was a shy kid, so making friends wasn't easy for me. Thankfully, at that time of my life, books became my friends.

No matter where we moved, a public library was usually close by. And I would spend hours there, searching out the armful of books I would take home to read that week. I was an only child, but when I had a book in my hand, I was never lonely.

I find this to be a common experience among writers, many of whom, like me, felt "different," or that they never quite fit in. Books helped me get through these times, as the stories I read were often about characters just like me -- or about characters I wished I could have been.

When this page is finished, there'll be lots to do here -- about writing stories, about some cool things in history, and, of course, about trains. I hope you check back often.

My Author Visits

I was part of the Printer's Row Litfest program, "So You Want to Write a Children's Book?" in Chicago, Illinois, on June 12, 2016.

My author events:

Mooseheart, Illinois school visit
Joan Martin School, Lake Station, Indiana
The Indiana Writers Consortium Steel Pen Conference panel, "I Want to Get Published!"

Protsman School, Dyer Indiana
Montessori Children's Schoolhouse, Hammond, Indiana
Career Fair, Wadsworth School, Griffith, Indiana
Reading Celebration, Wadsworth School, Griffith, Indiana