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Fun History (Coming Soon) Fun 

What to Write???

Faced with writing a blog, I pondered what I might have to say that would warrant someone taking time out to actually read my words.

I know a few things about young people, having raised four of my own. I've also taught elementary school for five years, been a den leader for a few more, and worked on a 5-year long history project with fourth, fifth and six graders in my town for our town's centennial.

But a whole lot of people know more about kids than I do.

I know a lot about writing. I have a degree in journalism, and have been a community newspaper reporter and editor. I also authored a weekly humor column for four years and wrote and edited an employee publication for a chemical facility. Plus I've written three novels, and a few picture books as well.

But a whole lot of people know more about writing than I do.

In the dark of night, when I couldn't sleep, it came to me. I could write about history. Not the history in textbooks and essays. But the stories in history, the sad ones. The funny ones. Especially the quirky ones. I absolutely love the quirky ones.

So my blogs will primarily be about the stories in history. Probably many about railroading history. But occasionally, no doubt I'll write about kids and about writing, too.

I hope you drop by to read a few.

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