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Karen Kulinski . . .

Track Facts

Chicago is the railroading center of the U.S.A.
--- Trains coming from the west only go as far as Chicago.
--- Trains coming from the east only go as far as Chicago.
--- No train ever goes THROUGH Chicago.

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Welcome to a place where readers rule ... writers are always welcome ... and history-lovers are invited to drop by any time and stay as long as they want.

This website is a culmination of a lifetime of loving books, writing. trains, and history. And you can also add my never-ending interest in 'her-story,' too.

It's always fascinated me that in the word history is the word "story." And that's what history really is -- stories about what happened to men and women, boys and girls, and even animals, yesterday, last year and in, what my kids always called, "the olden days."

So this site will contain a lot about history, since that has been my love for much of my life. And, since I've also been a writer for all that time, too, information about writing and about my books will be featured here too, many of which were inspired by my historical reading and research.

Enjoy. And I hope you stop by often.


My new historical picture book, THE MEDAL WITH A HEART, will be out in the Fall from M.T. Publishing Company, Inc., with illustrations by Karen Gruntman

Every medal tells a story -- of bravery, hard work, great achievement. But few people know how one of America's greatest military awards, The Purple Heart, came to be. THE MEDAL WITH A HEART tells this story, and it begins in 1782 with George Washington and the Revolutionary War.

Look for more information about the book in coming weeks.