Down at the Depot with Children's Author
Karen Kulinski . . .


I always liked history, but I fell in love with it in college when I read a book called, "The Plain People of the Confederacy."

I had learned about the famous historical figures, the famous battles, the famous events, but after reading that book, I searched out what was happening to all those people who weren't so famous. So that's what this page will contain. Stories and information and things to learn about the "plain people of history."

I also am fascinated by the quirky, unusual and really wild stories about famous historical figures and events that you never read in history books. Some of that will be on this page, too.

Like this historical fact: Confederate General Robert E. Lee traveled throughout the war with a servant to take care of his needs. Lee also traveled with a live chicken to provide him with fresh eggs each day for breakfast!

It's this kind of stuff that hooked me on history, and I hope that I can hook a few more kids on the subject, as well.

And, of course, there will be stuff about railroads and elephants on this page. And probably chickens, too.



Above is a link to a story written about my visit to Lincoln School!

This drawing of Ivy was done student in Miss Luna's 3rd grade class at Lincoln Elementary School, Hanover County, Indiana. Ivy and I thank the young artist and look forward to meeting her and all the Lincoln third-graders in May when we visit the school.

The presentation below is the one I will do at Lincoln School in May.

The PowerPoint presentation 'Ivy's Journey' follows author Karen Kulinski on her eight-year quest to research, write, rewrite, and submit her manuscript for publication. Told in a fun and interesting way, the program provides vintage circus photos and explains the connection she found between elephants and Tootsie Rolls, and how a bantam chicken named Fayree ended up in her book. The program is suitable for students and adults alike and is flexible time-wise. The author also offers a Q&A after the presentation, and provides handouts tailored to the age and interest of the attendees.


I was part of the Printer's Row Litfest program, "So You Want to Write a Children's Book?" in Chicago, Illinois, on June 12, 2016.

My author events:

Mooseheart, Illinois school visit
Joan Martin School, Lake Station, Indiana
The Indiana Writers Consortium Steel Pen Conference panel, "I Want to Get Published!"

Protsman School, Dyer Indiana
Montessori Children's Schoolhouse, Hammond, Indiana
Career Fair, Wadsworth School, Griffith, Indiana
Reading Celebration, Wadsworth School, Griffith, Indiana

Scheduled to appear in April at Lincoln Elementary, Hanover Community School Corporation, Indiana

Contact Karen at Depotkaren@​ to arrange for school or library visits.

This PowerPoint presentation, tentatively entitled, BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW THIS ABOUT GEORGE!, will be offered once THE MEDAL WITH A HEART is published in Fall, 2018. It features fun and little-known factual stories about George Washington that the author discovered while researching her book, THE MEDAL WITH A HEART, that will fascinate attendees of all ages. Topics include Washington's two warhorses, the British dog that followed the Continental Army back to camp after a battle, why Washington's soldiers had to get inoculated just like kids do, and at the end of the Revolutionary War, more than 500 women and children were part of Washington's army. The program is tailored to the age group it's being presented to, and is flexible as to time.